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Genevieve - Downtown Sailing Center
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Genevieve is a cold-molded, strip-planked Friendship Sloop berthed in Baltimore. Her owners, Stacy Spaulding and Rayned Wiles, are racing to support the Downtown Sailing Center. "In 2022 when we lost our house in a fire, the DSC community showed up in a big way to help us," she said. Sailing center members raised money for items like eyeglasses and dropped off PFDs and sail gloves so the couple could continue participating in this sailing community. "Our goal is to 'pay it forward,'" Stacy said.

They are raising grant-matching funds to support the DSC's Young Mariners Institute, a workforce development program and sailing instructor training program for Baltimore City high school students. During an eight-week summer program, these students are learning to sail while building leadership and job skills. These Young Mariners are also conducting a special project: a student-led exploration of the contributions and participation of African Americans in the maritime industries of the Inner Harbor, Baltimore, and the surrounding community.

Genevieve is a replica of S/V Pemaquid built in 1910 in Bremen, Maine, and built off lines drawn by Howard Chapelle. Once ubiquitous along the coast of Maine, the iconic Friendship Sloop was used for lobstering and coastal trade from about 1880 to 1920. One Maine old-timer has described these boats as the “F-150s of the 1910s.” When lobstermen turned to motors and modern equipment, many of Maine’s seasonal residents acquired these sloops for summer adventures, thus beginning the Friendship Sloop’s long association with “yachting.”

ABOUT 2023 Virtual Race

Welcome to the 2023 Virtual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race!

While normal sailboat racing happens on the water, this race is completely online. Each participating schooner has teamed up with a nonprofit partner, and is racing to raise as much money as possible for their charity. YOU can participate in the race by choosing a schooner, making a contribution, and sharing this webpage with your family and friends! 90% of gifts will go directly to the charity of your choice. The other 10% will help the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race achieve its mission to promote awareness of the Chesapeake Bay’s heritage; to encourage preservation of the Bay’s resources; to support Chesapeake Bay education and clean-up efforts; to bring historic schooners to the Bay; and to encourage schooner sailing and preservation. 

Please take a moment to learn more about our schooners and the organizations they support. At the start of the race, please come back here to make a donation and support your team!

Donation links will be available from 12:00 noon on Wednesday, August 23 through 3:00 PM on Saturday, August 26. 

Thank you for supporting our schooner community!


Please note: The Chesapeake Bay schooner community could not exist without people like you, and we're eager to keep in touch. GCBSR will share your contact information and notification preferences with the charity you donated to.  If you do not wish to be contacted by GCBSR, please opt out of communcations on the donation form.

Name Date Amount Comments
Susan Brannigan 08/26/2023 $51.85  
Steven G Briggs 08/26/2023 $51.85 Great job! Sail fast.
Lisa Forbes 08/26/2023 $102.02 ⛵take em sailin!
Chris And Virginia White 08/26/2023 $51.85  
Lisa Arrasmith 08/26/2023 $51.85 Looking forward to those new sailing instructors from Baltimore City
Anonymous Friend 08/26/2023 $103.39 The littlest "schooner" that could.
Kari Mackey 08/26/2023 $30.00  
Priscilla Henderer 08/26/2023 $51.85  
Carol Rogers 08/26/2023 $26.35 Great cause. Love to see your sailing adventures, Stacy.
Casey Bice 08/26/2023 $31.23 Blessed are those who pay it forward!
Jennifer Doonan 08/26/2023 $51.85  
Joyce Garczynski 08/25/2023 $10.62  
David Bell 08/25/2023 $51.85  
Robert Baginski 08/25/2023 $26.08 Keeping the dream alive
William Cleary 08/25/2023 $51.85  
Karen Southern 08/25/2023 $41.54  
Karen Schwartz 08/25/2023 $103.39 A life on the ocean wave, A home on the rolling deep, Where the scattered waters rave, And the winds their revels keep! Like an eagle caged, I pine On this dull, unchanging shore: Oh! Give me the flashing brine, The spray and tempest’s roar! By – Epes Sargent What a wonderful gift to the next generation of sailors! Good luck Stacy & Rayned!!
Robert Wiese 08/25/2023 $206.47  
Richard P Biro 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Maryann Furgison 08/24/2023 $50.00 Steve Gross used to say, he wanted to see the docks lines with wheelchairs so that everyone could go sailing. RIP Steve. You made it happen.
Soo Rhee 08/24/2023 $20.00  
Amy Deery 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Anonymous Friend 08/24/2023 $20.93  
Enakshi Roy 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Tim Frish 08/24/2023 $51.85 Go Genevieve! Go!
Kevin Ladenheim 08/24/2023 $31.23  
Christopher Wold 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Robert Gorrell 08/24/2023 $206.47 Fair Winds to Stacy and Rayned, GENEVIEVE, and the DSC's Young Mariners.
Anonymous Friend 08/24/2023 $20.93  
Lucy Mac Gabhann 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Richard Love 08/24/2023 $62.16 All the best to Stacy and Rayned for their TLC to GENEVIEVE and the DSC.
Beth Fincham 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Ned And Jeanne Dexter/Galvin 08/24/2023 $52.39 Go sweet Genevieve!
Frank Krach 08/24/2023 $104.47  
Candus Thomson 08/24/2023 $26.08  
Jennifer Atwater 08/24/2023 $26.08  
Anonymous Friend 08/24/2023 $51.85  
Emma Rosenbaum 08/23/2023 $41.54  
Marjory Russakoff 08/23/2023 $18.00 What a worthy cause. All the best from Southwest Harbor!
Eric Moseson 08/23/2023 $51.85  
Sonia Kuchuk 08/23/2023 $52.39  
Deborah Maupin 08/23/2023 $51.85  
Anonymous Friend 08/23/2023 $103.39  
Eric Eppler 08/23/2023 $51.85  
Jewel Whidden 08/23/2023 $51.85 Glad to support you and your cause
Laura Ladenheim 08/23/2023 $26.08  
Tark Sailorman 08/23/2023 $104.47  
Streett Broadbent 08/23/2023 $51.85 Hope you reach your Goal!! Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Friend 08/23/2023 $258.01  
Shannon Darlington 08/23/2023 $51.85  
Rick Lee 08/23/2023 $51.85 Thanks for raising awareness of DSC and the Young Mariner program!! This is fabulous what you are doing!
Linda Bates 08/23/2023 $75.00  
Kathleen Buckley 08/23/2023 $51.85 Go Rayned and Stacey!!
Joanne Smith 08/23/2023 $31.23 Many great days have been spent with DSC. Thanks for choosing this organization to support and good luck on your virtual and real racing.
Jim Kucher 08/23/2023 $51.85 Viva Genevieve! Avanti!
Daniel Granderson 08/23/2023 $62.16 "Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made…" —Robert N. Rose
Emily Decker 08/23/2023 $26.35 Go Genevieve!!
Judy Heininger 08/23/2023 $51.85 Go Stacy and Rayned!!!
John And Carole Wojcik 08/23/2023 $51.85 Good Luck Stacy & Rayned
Eileen Riley 08/23/2023 $26.08 Great work Stacy and Rayned!
Anonymous Friend 08/22/2023 $1.34 Go Stacy & Rayned!
  Total $3,527.82